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;Decora makes it easy to add smileys, emoticons, and stamps to your e-mails!
It supports ;Dcloud, meaning you get completely unrestricted access to thousands of emoji contents for free!
Main Benefits of ;Decora: 
■ Convenient interface where you can quickly and easily select emoji to insert into messages.
■ Access to thousands of free emoticons, smileys, and stamps to send to your friends! \(^O^)/
■ A wide variety of emoticons to suit any situation!
■ Ability to send and receive e-mails with emoji without the emoji becoming attachments!
■ Easy e-mail templates to quickly customize your e-mails! (^^)
■ From the background color to the color of the text, there are plenty of customizing options for you to make your messages look perfect! (*^^)v
;Decora is a convenient e-mail app that lets you easily view and use cute emoticons, smileys, stamps, and templates in your e-mail messages!
Note: Supports Gmail accounts only.
In order to use ;Decora, you will need to download “;Dcloud Base App” (search for “dcloud base”), which can be downloaded for free in Google Play.
;Decora supports the ;Dcloud service ? giving you access to tens of thousands of emoticons for free!
;Dcloud is the world’s first smartphone service that offers users completely unrestricted access to tens of thousands of emoji via the cloud.
How to Use ;Decora:
1. Download both “;Decora” and the “;Dcloud Base App”
2. Open the ;Dcloud Base App, access ;Dcloud, and choose your registration preferences (as a member or non-member; both free).
3. Open the ;Decora app, and send e-mail messages using smileys, emoji, and stamps to your heart’s content!
Main Features of ;Dcloud:
All users get access to over 100 smileys/emoticons , 100 stamps, and 10 e-mail templates that are pre-installed, but registered users also get the following additional features:
● Ability to download your favorite emoji to your device for easy use.
Ability to search for the perfect emoji to use from our entire library of thousands of emoji!
;Decora’s Sister Apps:
● ;DecoMessage - Emoji/smiley 
smiley words... the apps themselves add some value to the users beyond the following additional features:
- enables SMS app to use ;Dcloud
;Dcloud is completely free of charge. With ;Dcloud, you can use the same smileys/emoticons across several apps and devices!
● If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or concerns, contact us directly at: decora_info@bnwmail.jp 
Inquiries via Google Play's review listings cannot be replied to, so please feel free to contact us via the e-mail address above.
(All copyrights, trademarks, and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.)

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