The must have application of Smartphone. You can prevent the embarrassed situation with “DIAL SECRETARY”

Have you ever called accidently with mishandling touch?
If so, other people would ask question.
“Why did you call me?”

Smartphone may not be as convinient as we have thought. It can be mistakenly pressed while you are sleeping, playing with it and hanging it up.

Actually, eventhough I've used my smartphone more than a year, I still make such kind of mistakes while using Smartphone.

Especially those who have sweethearts, I guess you have experienced embarrassment of calling to your sweetie

I mean, when you make an accidental call and get to expose your private situation while in restroom, having a chat with your friend, dating with some girls and boys. It can be so embarrassed that you might remind it a more than 100 times in the bed. As you know, one mis-touch can make your life different!

So, it is prepared ambitiously. It is “Security Dial”!! (Tada)

You can select “Call” or “Cancel” through confirmation window before making a call. It is the best
way to prevent from making an accidental call 100000%!!!

(I am using it after installation already. I feel
empty without it now.)

“Am calling correctly?” Please check it out before making a call^*^

★ Features

① It helps you not make an accidental call by poping up confirmation window before making call.

② You can select “Call”, “Cancel” from confirmation window.

③ You can set password in option menu.

④ Protect your privacy.

⑤ Prevent from your embarrassment.(Mistake-proof application)


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