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Droid Beacon allows you to maintain a list of users who will be able to send a special text message (password) to your phone which will in turn send back your phones current location. Now you can create an email containing a link to Google maps which will show your location (when email was created) to allow your friends to find you. Works great if camping or in a neighborhood you’re not familiar with to allow them to find you without having to give directions.

When an incoming text message is received the program will lookup that phone number and password, if found the application will behave as follows:
•Initiate GPS and get current location.
•Convert latitude and longitude to friendly street name
•Send the Street name via text message back to the requesting users.
•Disable GPS

Since the current location is sent back via text message any phone capable of sending and receiving a text message can interface with this program

The GPS will only be initiated and then disabled when a valid incoming text message is received, saving battery life.

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