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Easy Dialer, is smart dialer, we can use own images to alter the look of the dialer's Wallpaper, Buttons, Keypad, etc.

- Theme Customization (Select Images from your SDCard)
- Create your own Themes
- Favorites contact
- Call-log
- Contact List
- Filter Contact List
- Filter Callog List
- Move to app in the sdcard in way automatically
- Wallpaper using "Take Photo" Feature

The Photo from Mountains and Machupicchu are images of SDCard and customized as wallpaper, no are themes. The Themes are Christmas Theme and Sky Theme.

Soon more themes!!

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How I can Change of Theme ?
For Change of Theme

1. Press Menu Key
2. Choose Themes
3. Choose Custom Theme
4. Choose WallPaper
5. Choose "Take Photo" or "Choose Image"
Choose Image = Gallery Photo

We can choose change other details about dialer, buttons, text colours, etc.

Tags: creating our own dialer , custom background dialer

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