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Easy GSMS is a group messaging application that enables sending personalized messages to groups of contacts in just a few clicks. It supports the following features:
1. Sending personalized messages (through the use of tags) to selected Google contact groups and/or individual recipients. Note that, if multiple mobile numbers are associated with a contact included in a Google contact group, then the primary (first) mobile number is the one considered.
2. Tags supported include adding contact's first name only "$fname", full name "$name", or company's name "$company", in case of using the application in business. Tags could easily be selected from a list, no need to remember them.
3. Enables adding and managing SMS templates for fast and easy use to commonly sent messages.
4. Enables adding and managing scheduled SMSs to be sent at specific date/time. After the scheduled SMS is sent, it is saved for later use (or can be deleted by the user), while the list of selected Google contact groups and/or individual recipients, to which the message is sent, is deleted.
5. Enables managing Google contact groups (now in the free version!!) through adding new groups, deleting existing groups, adding new contacts to existing groups, deleting contacts from selected Google contact group, etc..

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