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easymeeting™ for Android is the app that allows you to easily participate from your tablet to easymeeting™ sessions. Use audio & video quality up to HD and share applications and documents.

To use easymeeting™ for Android you need an easymeeting™ account.

Share documents, collaborate, learn with real time questionnaires and record all your meetings, wherever you are!

You can login in easymeeting™ with a PC, a Mac, a tablet or with your smartphone.

easymeeting™ for Android features:

· Log in easymeeting™ sessions
· Watch applications and shared documents
· Webcam selection (front or back)
· Use with or without earphones (thanks to integrated echo cancellation)
· Up to 8 Full-Duplex video channels
· Users list in low refresh

easymeeting™ features:

· An unlimited number of concurrent sessions;
· Up to 20 users activated in full duplex windows;
· Adaptive windows depending on the number of participants;
· Window’s size and position can be changed according to the user's choice;
· Customizable layout across multiple monitors (up to eight) that can be saved and quickly retrieved;
· Sending files and movies in real time;
· Screen sharing for the direct sharing of files and applications;
· Whiteboard integrated on data window;
· Integrated Chat among all users;
· PowerPoint file’s synchronization;
· Entire sessions completely recordable by each client;
· Web-based scheduling system to invite participants at the meeting;
· Instant messaging to enable easymeeting™ sessions in real time with users of your intranet or your workgroup;
· videolearning™ to manage interactive training;
· Integration with easyconference to integrate with traditional video-conferencing and phone-conference systems.

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