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Excel Text - Excel Contacts B

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    It is very simple to export your contacts in Excel to smartphone!

    Now it supports LMS as well with no error. (Please try the lite version before purchase the enterprise version. This is the version B. If this version doesn't support your phone, please try the version A.)

    You can send group/bulk SMS/LMS with no error. (Please try the lite version before purchase the enterprise version.)

    ExcelText is the ultimate app which has all useful features for sending SMS to a group!

    **** You don't need to transfer an excel file to a smartphone by cabling a computer to a smartphone.

    **** Upload an excel file online and transfer contacts to a phone in a second!
    (Simply download the app and upload an excel file at with your unique API code which appears in the setting of the Excel Text application. Within a second, all contacts in the file would be listed in the app.) Please refer to for more information and no contact would be saved in the server after successfully transferring contacts to a phone

    **** Personalize a group message! (In a message it automatically inserts a name of a person. Simply type "{NAME}" in a message, it would be replaced with a name of a person)

    **** URL shorten! (Shorten an URL address in a message easily)

    **** Send text messages in background! (Even if the app is off, it automatically sends a text message to each recipient in a group!)

    **** Schedule a time to send! (Set a time to start sending texts.)

    **** Time interval setting. (It allows to set a time interval of sending a text between each recipient in a group. This feature may be useful to prevent having a system error due to spam filtering.)

    Excel Text - Basic Features
    1. Export contacts in an excel file to a phone without cabling.
    2. Personalize a group message by automatically inserting a name of person in a message.
    3. Import contacts in your smartphone and create and send a text message them by one tapping.
    4. Import a contact file in SD card to the app and send them a message.
    5. Export a contact list to a phone.
    6. Schedule a time to send.
    7. Send SMS in background.
    8. Set a time interval between each text message.
    9. URL Shorten

    Excel Text - Special feature
    **** It was not easy to import a contact list in an Excel file in your computer into your smartphone. Now, you can export a contact list in Excel at your computer to the app online! Upload a file at! The contact list will be loaded to the TextLTE app in a second!

    Text message will get delivered by your smartphone from your server! Please visit for more information.