Fake Call Log



Create fake call log entries in the call history of your phone.


1. Add a fake call log to your call history:
- Fake call entry with anyone from your contacts list
- Fake call from or to an unknown caller
- Fake call from or to a private number
- Fake call from any number that is not in your contacts list
2. Choose the date time and duration of the fake call log entry
3. Choose if the fake call should be an incoming, outgoing or a missed call


4. Schedule a fake call log for later time
5. Schedule a list of fake call log entries
6. Edit already scheduled but not yet added fake call log entries.
7. Cancel scheduled fake call log entries
8. Stealth mode: The app is called FCL to cover your tracks.

This software makes use of (1) Android Wheel Control, Copyright 2011 Yuri Kanivets (2) Parts of Copyright (c) The Android Open Source Project; both licensed under the Apache License 2.0: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0

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