Fake & Real SMS Scheduler



This is the only app that supports the creation of fake and real sms in a single app.

This app helps you to schedule a real sms to be sent at a later time. It comes in handy when you want to wish a birthday but might forget it later or be asleep.

Also you can receive fake sms on your phone from any number. It looks real in your inbox but hasn't been actually sent from anyone. This works great in pulling pranks on your friends by showing them sms they never sent or for getting out of office meetings.

Both fake and real sms can be scheduled for a later time.

NOTE: Fake sms are free, Real sms may cost you as per your carrier tariff.

Pradeep Kumar Paijwar - paijwar@gmail.com
Prashant Bale - prashant.bale@yahoo.co.in

web url: http://www.codemartial.com
support: support@paijwar.com

Thanks to Sanchit Agrawal for provide good feedback.

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