Fast Internet Pro



Get free fast Internet surfing in your device!

Appsplatform company has released a new version of the Fast Internet Pro for Android. This version makes browsing on mobile devices simpler adjusting to your favorite websites in one touch. With its extremely fast speed, Fast Internet Pro was released to the world standards of popular web browsers!

Over 50 highly skilled programmers employs above this app according to the global trends and customer feedback! We especially pay attention to feedback and suggestions to improve our browser! We are keen to make your web surfing simlier and quicker!

Key features of our Fast Internet Pro:
• Speed Dial
Access your favorite websites in one touch.
• Quick Search
Searches can be entered directly into the address bar. The prompts are displaying as you enter symbols.
• Speed
Works up to 6 times faster, especially on slow or congested networks.
• Cost
Traffic compression up to 90%.

Download free mobile Fast Internet Pro and join our web surfers!