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    GateSMS will help you to send sms from popular polish internet gates in convenient way. Pay less for text messages!

    ====== Supported Gates ======
    - Orange SMS PL
    - Orange Multibox (mbox) PL
    - T-Mobile Omnix Multimedialna PL
    - T-Mobile Omnix Sponsorowana PL
    - PlusGSM PL
    - Wapster PL
    - Slide SMS

    ============ FEATURES ============
    - SMS manager
    - Conversation view
    - Fast switching between gates and standard sms
    - Automatic identification of the operator
    - Deleting polish signs from standard sms messages
    - Reminding of unread messages
    - Setting your own ringtone for message notification
    - Different types of vibrations

    ========= LINKING SERVICE =========
    Linking service make your messages from gates more readable

    Ex. sms from Orange PL gate:
    OD JanK*Odpisz zaraz*: How are you?

    You can change for
    Jan Kowalski:
    How are you?

    It's simple. You just make few clicks and sms from gates won't be different from standard sms (except bubble color)

    ===== GO SMS PRO users =====
    Go SMS Pro automatically blocks notifications from other apps and you won't be able to use linking service.
    If you want to turn it off, go to settings -> receive settings -> uncheck set others notifications off

    ====== MIUI ICS users ======
    MIUI stock SMS app automatically disable sms notifications for other apps. You can switch this in settings turning of "Priorytate for SMS application" option

    If you got double notifications just turn it off in other app.
    In stock SMS/MMS that would be:
    setting -> uncheck "notifications"

    ======= FACEBOOK AVATARS =======
    Official Facebook app blocks access to their avatar database so there is no way to get it. Problem might not exists in HTC phones with SenseUI. Good solution is using free application SyncMyPix and sync Facebook avatars with Google Account

    === BEFORE RATING ====
    If you have problem or question related with application, write me an e-mail so i can help you. If you like GateSMS and want to help, please rate app high, let your friends know about it. It helps application to be more able to find and it will become just better. Thank you.

    ========== PERMISSIONS ==========
    android.permission.WRITE_SMS - sending sms
    android.permission.READ_SMS - reading sms
    android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS - receiving sms
    android.permission.SEND_SMS - sending sms
    android.permission.READ_CONTACTS - reading contacts
    android.permission.CALL_PHONE - calling to contacts (in conversation view)
    android.permission.VIBRATE - vibration along with notifications
    android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - modification ringtone
    android.permission.INTERNET - internet access
    android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - checking if phone is online
    android.permission.WAKE_LOCK - wake phone when notification comes
    android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS - verification buying application
    android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - verification buying application

    Warning! Free version contains ads, if you want to turn it off go to the settings->pro version. Appliaction uses Google Analitycs to find what is the most important for users and what functionality have to be developed on first place.

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