GiiTalk enables you to Call and send Messages to other GiiTalk users worldwide, for FREE. You can also Callout and send SMS at much cheaper rates than most service providers. GiiTalk is designed to work anywhere including VoIP blocked locations. GiiTalk is available for FREE, for Android, iPhone, Facebook and PC. Visit for details.

GiiTalk is not just a free App but an innovative service with a company solidly backing it. Therefore, please request for support at or send email to for any issues or clarifications. We are not able to provide support if you just leave comments only on the Android market.

Press “Activate” to set up your Mobile Number as the “User Name”. Sign in using your Facebook account and follow the instructions. You will receive the “Password” via SMS/Text. Login to mobile App using your Mobile Number and Password received. Note that you have to login only once.

When you and your friends use GiiTalk, you can call each other and send messages from your mobile, Facebook or PC, for FREE. When your friends are not online or not using GiiTalk, you can still Callout or send SMS to their regular phones at lowest possible rates.
Unlike other similar Apps, GiiTalk is designed to work anywhere in the world including VoIP blocked locations. So, use GiiTalk and start saving money.
Compared to other similar Apps (e.g. Skype, Viber etc.), GiiTalk has number of differentiators and offers you many benefits
-> GiiTalk is designed to work anywhere in the world; at home, in office, behind firewalls, or even in countries blocking VoIP
-> You can use it seamlessly across Mobile, Facebook or PC (unlike Viber)
-> You can make calls and send messages with other GiiTalk friends for free, as well as callout and send SMS to external phones at much cheaper rates (unlike Viber)
-> If your friend is not on-line or not using GiiTalk, it will automatically initiate calling out to friend's regular phone. There is no need for another call attempt or switch application (unlike Skype or Viber)
-> With GiiTalk, you can use your existing mobile phone number. It also uses mobile phone address book (unlike Skype)
-> GiiTalk is integrated with Facebook, hence you don’t need new user names or passwords
-> You can use GiiTalk on Mobile, Facebook, PC, but still use same account. So, you don’t need to bother maintaining multiple account balances
-> You get many features for free; including Call Forward, Call Conference, Voice Mail, Missed Call Alerts, Call Back, Phone-to-Phone etc.

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