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Glide - Video Chat Messenger's review


Send video messages to your friends.

  • Easy to use
  • Watch messages live or later
  • Camera settings only adjustable while recording
  • Slow internet connection will mean low quality

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Glide lets you send video messages to your friends up to 5 minutes in length, quickly and easily - choose a friend and hit record. It doesn't let you adjust camera settings before recording however - you must adjust them while recording. The app works by streaming messages - which is good in one sense, as messages can be watched live, but it also means if you have a slower internet connection quality will be reduced.


Glide is easy to use, and looks good. You can watch video messages live as they are recorded, or scroll through your log and watch them later.


Camera settings must be adjusted while recording, which is unfortunate. Messages are streamed, which is cool, but means if you have a slow internet connection the stream and the recorded message will both be of a lower quality - and if I wanted video streaming, I would use Skype or something of the like.

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by Oliver

Mar 13, 2015

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