Go Contact RN




    Brought to you by Couxin team, Go Contact RN is a powerful tool, ideal replacement of stock contacts and dialer. It is featured by fast search, grouping and secure.
    1. It is a folder that should be added from the menu. "Menu"addfolder>all contacts/ starred contacts.
    2. Two kinds of contacts for you to add-all contacts and starred contacts.
    3. All contacts contain all the contacts both the less and more connection with each other with all the information of one contact, such as time contacted.
    Starred contacts is available for you to add the contacts that have a close and significant relationship with you. Thus, there is no need to search them from the so many contacts. Whenever only you intend to make a call to them, just open the starred contacts and dial the numbers.
    4. Display the contacts on the desktop realize the function of fast search.
    5. Easy to add one to the starred contacts. Touch one contact in all contacts, click the star at the end of the contact, and add successfully when the star's color changes. Touch the star for a second time to remove it from the starred contacts.
    Do you feel that there are so many contacts in your phone that troubles your so much? Do you feel there are some contacts in your contact book nearly never keep in touch with them? To manage your contacts and clear it. This will be a marvelous opportunity for you and never come for twice. Catch it and get this app by the full version.
    If you have some questions, please feel free to ask us!
    This app is supported via ads. The following may show in your device once you download the app – icon or notification. You can delete/replace these easily. This is a way to make money from this app and giving it to you for free. Thank you for your support.