gottaTxt, the text messaging app of the future, is available today! Whether you're meeting at the airport, for dinner, at a sporting event, or just on your way home from work, don't just send a message, send your location too. Only gottaTxt lets you geotag your messages to send your location with your message (and update it automatically).

Only gottaTxt works seamlessly with other gottaTxt users and non-gottaTxt (regular SMS) users too.

Only gottaTxt protects your privacy by encrypting your messages while in transit and even while stored on your phone.

Only gottaTxt let's you autorespond to text messages when you are unavailable or your phone off-line/dead.

Only gottaTxt let's you blacklist annoying text-messagers, and even lets you respond automatically and silently.

You won't find any ads in gottaTxt, and we do not even attempt to obtain any of your personal information.

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