GrandMAndroid Remote



A simple focus app for the GrandMA2 range of lighting consoles.

Features: Allows control of dimmer channels, fixture intensity and group selection. Includes Highlight ON/OFF, Next and Previous, Channel/Fixture/Group selection and level control support.

Please note, this is the first version and functional to the features listed above, more features are planned.

Planned features include (but not limited to):
* Groups & Presets lists with pick and choose style access.
* Fixture position controls.
* Executor controls.
* Graphical improvements.

Please feel free to send me feature requests or comments, or support requests at dmxout at gmail d0t com.

Tested and working on Samsung Galaxy S2 I-9100.

Please also note, this is the very first version and is not amazingly spectacular, but it's functional to the features listed and will grow if supported by purchases.

How to use:

* You need a connection to your MA2 via WIFI network
* The IP address of your MA2 console
(Station IP, as shown in MA-Setup-Network-MA Network Control)
* A Username and Password on the console (as configured in MA-Setup-Console-User&Profile Setup) with rights greater than playback.

Open the GrandMAndroid Remote App, enter the IP, Username and Password and click connect.

If your connection is not established, a notification will advise you:
* "Wrong username or password!" (connected to console, but could not login in - check your console username and password)
* "Connection Failed!" (network problem)
* "Connection Lost!" (was connected but no lost the connection, possibly wireless signal problem)

About me:

I'm Hippy, I have dedicated the last 12 years of my time to developing and creating useful, unique lighting software tools. Many software's using the Enttec Open DMX USB or DMX USB Pro dongles have drivers written by me, as do several Art-Net softwares use my code as well. Also perhaps of intrest to you, I've made a Behringer BCF-2000 software tool for the MA2 series consoles, allowing people to use cheap motorized fades with their MA2 console... These have been free, often open-source applications to make the world a better place, as they cost me nothing but time to develop. This application however has cost me money for software, play market fees, and test hardware to this point to develop and future development will chew more of my time.

Hope you like, but haters are always gonna hate...

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