Group Ringtone Lite



Group Ringtone automatically sets the custom ringtones of your contacts based on the group membership of each contact. So now you can also use Google Contacts to manage your ringtones.

Group Ringtone also supports a default ringtone for all your contacts. By setting the default ringtone different from your phone's default ringtone, you can have different ringtones for stored contacts and "unknown" (not stored) contacts.

Possible scenarios, where Group Ringtone helps you, are:

* You want different ringtones for private and business contacts, but you do not want to set the ringtone manually each time you add a new contact.

* You buy a new phone. While your contacts are automatically synchronized from your Google account, your ringtones are not. Use Group Ringtone to set up all your ringtones again.

Differences between full version and lite version:

Lite: no automatic background updates, only 2 contact groups definable, ads
Full: automatic background updates, unlimited number of contact groups, no ads

Version history and explanation of permissions on the app website.

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