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The most popular upgrade to your stock texting app on the Android Market, Gryphn defends and secures all of your texts messages, for free! Now you have control over what your text message does after it leaves your phone. Send and receive all regular text messages in the app and choose to use additional features: sent-message encryption, image self-destruct, on-device message encryption, and forward/save disable on sent messages, all with a simple and beautiful user interface.

★ Uses your current phone number
★ Uses your phones address book
★ Images can be set to Self Destruct
★ Screenshots are disabled
★ Messages, videos and images are protected from export via an encrypted database
★ Encrypts all SMS/MMS messages locally on the device
★ Control if your encrypted text messages can be Saved by the recipient
★ Control if your encrypted text messages can be Forwarded by the recipient
★ 30 Second Setup
★ 100% Free

When composing a New Message just slide the on/off switch in the upper right-hand corner to turn encrypted text messaging ON and hit send. In order to Decrypt a your secure message the recipient will need to have Gryphn Secure Messaging installed.

To enable/disable (enabled by default) go to Settings>Security>DRM>Self Destruct.
This feature only applies to picture messages sent with the security (i.e. encryption) turned on. The recipient must also have the app installed. Once received, the recipient will have 15 seconds to view the message, at which point it will automatically be deleted.

Gryphn Secure Messaging is a true text messaging solution, not a chat client. There is no new social network to join or friends to add. Gryphn Secure Messaging becomes your primary texting application allowing you to conduct your secure text messaging as well as regular text messaging within one application. No more jumping from app to app

**International Support Coming Soon**

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Special thanks to the Guardian Project ( for their work on IOCipher and SQLCipher for Android. These security libraries are free, open source and secure. Go check them out.


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