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GTS Logger is designed to communicate with either a GTS Server or an Open GTS Server which is using the GPRMC protocol. It stores your way points local and sends them when a Internet connection is available, so no way points get lost.
The way points are also displayed on the device, here you can choose between the normal view and satellite view, you can also display traffic information.

- Choose the time and distance when a way point should be logged (configurable in the settings dialog)
- No logged way points get lost because of a persistent queue
- If no Internet connection is available way points will be saved local and send when a connection can be established. Those way points can also be send manualy.
- En queued way points can be deleted
- Logging is done in the background
- Logging can be controlled with a widget
- Logging can be automatically paused when device runs on battery (configurable in the settings dialog)
- Automatic start of logging when device starts, when GTS Logger starts and when device is placed in a car dock (configurable in the settings dialog)
- Automatic stop when device is removed from car dock (configurable in the settings dialog)
- Sanity check of received GPS data, so only only reasonable way points get logged (configurable in the settings dialog)
- Display can stay on during logging (configurable in the settings dialog)
- Remote control via SMS:
- Start logging with command: GTSLOGGER START
- Pause logging with command: GTSLOGGER PAUSE
- Resume logging command: GTSLOGGER RESUME
- Stop logging with command: GTSLOGGER STOP
- Get the last waypoint with command: GTSLOGGER LAST WAYPOINT

GTS Server Configuration
On your GTS Server you have to install the gprmc.war, create an account and a device (or use an existing account and device). No further configuration should be necessary. For further installation information please visit

GTS Logger Configuration
To configure the App you have go to the settings screen and insert the GTS Server address, GPRMC service name (the default should be fine), account name and device name.
If your setup is fine you can see the way points in your GTS Server.
If your configuration has errors or no Internet connection is available at the moment, in the Logging menu you can see that GTS messages are en queued. In that case please correct either the settings or establish the connection to the Internet.
From the Logging menu you can either try to resend the messages or delete all waiting messages.

If you have any question or suggestions to make GTS Logger better, please contact or visit

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