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GW0TQM's Amateur Radio Collection. This started as a series of bookmarks but has had comment added and is updated frequently. Its a hotchpotch, but so is Amateur Radio.

This app hotlinks you to a range of amateur radio interest.

Solar and Geomagnetic warnings.
On screen MUF and Greyline indicators
NEW: HF propagation for the UK
VHF propagation from the APRS Network

RSGB latest news bulletin streams on demand

GB2RS in text form

K7AGE - Amateur radio news
KN4AQ - 'Ham Radio News'

An overview of Digital V/UHF ham radio

Digital Data feeds DSTAR, DMR-BM, Plus, MARC and PhoenixUK

Echolink and IRLP info

Summits on the Air- Live feed
List of SOTA reports

High Altitude Balloon Tracking


Raspberry Pi Magazine
Rasp.Pi and Ham Radio

Email list links HamPocket and QRP

Follow the Ham Radio Forum

Hamsphere computing pages.

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