Hands Off

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    Hands Off is a comprehensive measure to help prevent Distracted Driving. If you’re a parent worried about your family’s newest (and most tech-addicted) driver, you can download the Hands-Off App. Once the phone number is entered and the app is activated, the phone screen will automatically lock whenever censors indicate the phone it is traveling at nine miles an hour or faster. This prevents the phone’s owner from sending or reading text messages, using email or other tools, and dialing calls while they are driving. (Those without hands-free devices will also be unable to receive phone calls.) The screen will automatically unlock when its speed dips back below nine miles per hour or when the appropriate password is entered. You will hold this password, and can allow phone access when you know your teen is a passenger in a moving vehicle.
    Texting and driving is the leading cause of distracted Driving accidents. Hands Off helps stop texting and driving .