The program is designed to sending SMS to the subscriber, who calls you, if you can not to answer an incoming call, at this moment.
Most programs with similar functionality is implemented as an alternative incoming call screen (CallerId). But since Android does not provide third-party programmers an API for full implementation of this functionality, the work of these applications related to a number of problems such as delays in opening CallerId, no stable operation, etc., which prevents the user to receive incoming calls normally.
The program HangUpSMS operates on a different principle: it does not replace the system window of the incoming call, and responds to the "hang up" event, offering to send SMS-message to the caller after the call is canceled. Program settings are quite flexible, and allow you to select the following options:
• offer the user a list of preset messages;
• send a pre-selected message;
• use a personal choice for each person from the phonebook;
• send a private message to any person.
Due to Android API nature, the program will also react to missed calls. But at the same time, it is possible to configure an additional response to the screen off event, if the window of the message selection is active:
• send a pre-selected message;
• close the window.

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