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Make anonymous calls WIDGET! Simple, Elegant, Private!
Use the HiddenID widget to hide your phone number with ease. It makes it super-fast and convenient to turn Caller ID hiding ON and OFF right from your homescreen. Block your CallerID so that it will show as a private number to the recipient. There is no more need to go through multiple menus to register new settings with the carrier network. This app beats all others because it is fast and clean, has an easy to use interface, and it only requires ONE PERMISSION!

>>> Don't forget to add the widget to your homescreen! <<<

+ Hide your CallerID (phone number) when making calls.
+ Home-screen ON/OFF widget for easy and instant access.
+ Customize Caller ID Network Blocking Prefix.
+ Change prefix if calling from other countries(see list below) or enter one manually.
+ Choose from a list of alternative Widget Icons.
+ Status Bar Notification icon when HiddenID is enabled.
+ Optional Pop-Up Message when initiating a call with HiddenID activated.
+ Simple and elegant.
+ Uses just one permission! This is less than any other app of its type.
+ Doesn't access or record any personal data.

- Calls to Government, Police, Emergency, and Toll Free numbers cannot be made anonymously.
- MMS and SMS (Text) are not anonymous.
- International calls may not be anonymous.

How it works:
+ To activate anonymous calling, simply tap the widget. Now, when a call is placed and HiddenID is activated, your Mobile Network Operator is informed that you wish for the call to be anonymous, thereby hiding your number from the recipient.
+ To de-activate, simply tap on the widget again.
+ To easily customize the settings, just use the app in the app drawer.

The only permission used is the one that allows the phone number to be intercepted and modified. No information of any kind is recorded. The modified number that is being called will be shown.

Included Countries:
+ These have not all been tested, so please send feedback via email if you have troubles, corrections, or affirmations.
+ If your country is not on the list and you know the appropriate prefix, please email me and I will make an update.
+ If you know the prefix, you can enter it by choosing the [Custom] option in the Change Location option.

Albania, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Easy to make a secret call or ghost call, but not so spooky. Just block caller id with a hidden anonymous call.

Please feel free to email with any issues you may be having! yoavinations@gmail.com

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