Find your family and friends location using any Android phone. Transform your phone into premium location tracking device. Get their current location as well as their former locations.

What is Hooked ?

Hooked is location tracking application, that enables you to track current and old locations of hooked devices. To hook a device it is necessary to install Hook application on device you want to a track, and authorize yourself on that device. After that you can retrieve every tracked location of that device.

How do i use it ?

To track a person he must be in your contacts and must install client application that can be downloaded from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ecsmon.android.tracker . After that you authorize yourself as a tracker for client phone.

How is request sent ?

Request is sent (and retrieved) via SMS message, so it may apply some cost to your network account.

How accurate is it ?

It depends. It tends to be more accurate when locating via GPS (that depends on number of sattelites in range), but if none available, it uses Network locating which is less accurate but much faster.