How To Be Assertive?



~~ How To Be Assertive? ~~

How Assertive Are You?

Do you say yes even when you do not want to do something?

Are you the mom who always volunteers even when you know
you do not have time to make three dozen cupcakes?

Are you indecisive?

Do you get to the point where weighing the pros
and cons of a particular situation goes overboard and you just give up?

When you make decisions do you find yourself considering every
possible option and how it will effect everyone except you?

Do you feel guilty when you ask others for help?

Alternately do you expect others to just do things for
you that you could easily do yourself
and get angry with them if they refuse?

When you are shopping do you find yourself getting sucked in to a
sales pitch to the point where you feel guilty walking away without
making a purchase?


Enough is Enough !

Time to become assertive..

But How?

Introducting 'How to be Assertive?' Audio App.
Within 30 Minutes learn all the secrets to
Be Assertive in your life !.

How To Be Assertive? Contents
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Don't you think, Whether you are looking to improve your
communication skills at work, home, or with friends a
little assertiveness goes a long....way ?

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