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Stop needlessly frying your brain with dangerous cellular radiation.
iChoose intelligently rings your designated landlines phone in parallel to your mobile phone - and lets you CHOOSE where you want to take mobile calls – on your mobile phone, or on your landline phone, without the radiation. Incoming calls ring simultaneously, and outgoing calls allow you to dial a contact from your smartphone - and complete the call on landline!

iChoose is free of charge (in all locations except the US, where it is free to try).

iChoose is a super light and super simple free app to use, no registrations or complicated setups needed and you get to reduce your daily radiation exposure!
Some of the benefits:

- Zero radiation- Major reduction in exposure time to mobile phone radiation
- Maximal availability and call quality even if your location is not well covered by your mobile phone carrier
- Battery conservation – talk time is a major battery drainer. Also, battery distribute radiation!
- It's much more comfortable to talk on landline phones. Smartphones are clunky, not shaped for good old conversations, and tend to heat up on long calls.
- It's free!
iChoose bridges the calls in an intelligent way. Only when you are in the vicinity of the landline phone, it will ring (iChoose does not require precise locations and does not use your GPS!) to avoid cases where someone else answers a call intended to you. Also, if you put your mobile phone on "mute", the landlines will not ring.

Does the iChoose service cost money?

iChoose doesn't charge anything (in the US, iChoose cannot be provided for free. it is free to try, then subscription based via in-app purchase). If you are on an "unlimited" mobile minute plan, then effectively, the service is completely free. If you are on a limited minute plan, your Mobile Operator charges a mobile minute for every minute of diverting the call to landline phone - so there may be a charge by your mobile phone operator, we advise to check your usual usage and decide.

How does iChoose work?

After downloading the app for free, enter your landline phone number/s. From then on the designated landline will ring when you are in the vicinity of it, and you can decide where to pick up the call.

Since mobile phones and especially smartphones have entered our lives, they have become, for most of us, the only means other people try to catch us on. No one calls the office and home phone numbers anymore. This creates some disadvantages we have all learned to ignore…
- Mobile radiation – radiation puts us and the people around us at unnecessary risk!
- Quality – where mobile phones indoor coverage is less than great, calls tend to be of low quality. This will become more severe in 4G than it is in 3G. Also, bad reception can distribute cellular radiation! Try iChoose now, it's free!
- Battery – with all the advances, batteries still run out pretty quick. Calls are a major battery drainer for people who tend to make long conversations.
- Comfort – Smartphones are getting larger, and are not as light and comfy to hold as landline phone extensions. They tend to heat up and make your ear sweat. And there is only one of them, where at home you may have an extension in every room!
So why compromise on health, quality and comfort when you can have them all and for free? iChoose lets you enjoy the best of both worlds, with zero complicated set ups. iChoose lets you pick up your mobile calls on landline when you want to – where you want to. At home, in the office, even direct calls to your secretary in parallel if you wish.
So put your smartphone in the charging dock, and pick up your calls on landline avoiding cellular radiation and poor coverage call problems. Try iChoose today for free and discover the old pleasure of better phone calls with zero radiation!

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