info WiFi - WiFi domains

info WiFi - WiFi domains

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Every WiFi network has its own domain.
Every WiFi domain has a public board (wall).
info WiFi is a free alternative service for communicating with those around you.

Some ways info WiFi can be used:
Dating - meet people, not profiles.
Rating - anything, anywhere.
Business - your WiFi can be your billboard.
Advertising - look what’s on offer in your neighborhood. Inform or offer anything to people around you.

info WiFi is a WiFi domain registrar and provides two applications to manage the domains (info WiFi and QR WiFi). You can register your WiFi domain in the info WiFi app or on our website,

Register any WiFi network just like an internet domain and become its owner. Why? Everyone who comes into its range will see the posts on your domain and only you will be able to manage the posts.

Write a post to a particular board or enable the Traces function. Why? Everybody who visits the same place will see your post. You can also react on other people’s posts.

The info WiFi app is a recorder, reader and editor of information attached to WiFi networks. In the app you can browse encountered WiFi networks (with posts on their boards). You can also switch to another view to browse just the posts (with an option to filter by tags).

The app doesn’t need permanent internet connection, it keeps a log of encountered WiFi networks on your device. You can also browse your log on from a desktop PC.


- Using Traces function you can automatically place a chosen card on every WiFi network you visit.
- You can edit or remove your cards at any time. Changes will take effect immediately on all WiFi networks (points) where you have used the card.
- You can create an anonymous card where you won't be visible as the author.
- You can also lock a card to prevent other users from adding comments to it.
- Tags: if you pass through a WiFi network with tagged cards, you will see here a list of tags from these cards.
- Use tags according to the content of the card, it's up to you whether your card will be a discussion topic, an advertisement, a review, a request, an invitation or some other information useful to others. Use tags as you are already used to from other services. Other users will see the tags from your cards.
- You can create and manage cards from your computer on A fully-functional Web interface is coming soon.

Comments and ratings for info WiFi - WiFi domains
  • (64 stars)

    by Frantisek Fuka on 31/08/2013

    (EDITED after developer feedback) This might have a potential. However, the interface is extremely confusing. What is the difference between "Watched points" and "Visited points"? What is the item "News on My Way"? Why does pressing "Back" anywhere just close the app immediately? And you have to PAY MONEY for "registering" the new APs. At least I THINK you have to pay, because all I get when tr