Inform Your Call




    Inform Your Call
    Now who are calling you? You have to take up your mobile and see caller ID shown in your mobile phone. But now you can know who are calling you or sending you message without touching the mobile. Inform Your Call is a speaker system that tell you who are calling! As long as you save the contact information on your mobile, when the contact contact with you, you can hear the voice of "...(the name)is calling" or "...send you a message".
    When you do not what to receive some persons phone but also worry about missing others call or sms, you can open this app. It will tell you who is calling you and then decide if answer the phone or not. If you shutdown the mobile to avoid some call, you can not receive other calls or messages latter. It is really inconveniently!

    1.It is totally free application for the people who used android mobile phone and confused by missing some calls.
    2.Add widget to your mobile phone desk.
    Ways to add widgets:
    -Press add/menu button on your mobile phone.
    -Choose android widget bar.
    -Find the icon of this app, you can find a small widget on your desktop.
    3.Press the icon in your phone desk to colorful. It means you have open the app and it will work to tell you who are calling you or who are sending you message!
    4.Tap the icon again, it will become in gray color. That means you have closed the free app. And when there are some one call you or send you message, you can not hear the app speaking to you!
    5. Notify icon: It can tell you with a small icon (the same as the widget icon but much more smaller) when somebody contact you but you are using other application or watching the menu of your mobile.
    6.It is a sensitive app! If you download it, you will never miss important calls or messages!

    Now let's you phone tell you who are contacting you! If you download this app, you need not tale the phone, can you know the person contact you! And then decide answer the call or not. If you are busing some thing and do not have time to answer the call. You can know the name the calling you and then answer him/her latter. If the person calling you is your boss and have important things, you can decide putting down the thing you are dong and answer the call as soon as possible!
    In a word, with the help of this free app, you will not miss important message and calls and avoid unnecessary calls in your life. Download it now, it will help you much!

    The typical phone call using a traditional phone was placed by picking the phone handset up off the base and holding the handset so that the hearing end is next to the user's ear and also the speaking end is within the range of the mouth. The caller would rotary dial latter or press buttons for the phone numbers needed to complete the calls.
    Apart from the traditional method of placing a telephone call, new technologies allows different methods for initiating a telephone call, like voice dialing. Voice over IP technology support calls to be made through a PC,. It will using a service like Skype.Other services, like toll-free dial-around allow callers to initiate a telephone call via a third party without exchanging the phone numbers.