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InTrackMe is a real-time tracking application powered by GPS technology, used for tracking any android powered device. Unlike other tracking applications, locations are updated in real-time so users don't need to wait to see if the target has changed location. InTrackMe doesn't require an account to use, just load the application and give the other party your tracking key - simple! You can also use a phone number to track devices if you don't want to use a random key. InTrackMe could be used for the following purposes:

- Track family such as children to find them on their way home from school, or track partners to make sure they are safe.
- Find a friend in a busy area to see their exact location.
- Track a journey of a friend, for example follow someone participating in a race such as a marathon runner.
- Protect your phone from being stolen. Users can log into and enter a tracking key to track a device online.

If your device does not have a GPS installed or you are in a built up area with poor GPS signal, InTrackMe will automatically find your location using local wireless networks.

The pro version allows tracking with no time limit. In the free version, devices can only be tracked for a certain amount of time. After this, you will have to restart the application and obtain a new tracking key.


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