IP Changer for Mobile Network



It is the application and widget which can change the IP address of a mobile network.
mode inside the plane -- if it is effective, connection is cut once and it re-connects,
taking advantage of the characteristic that an IP address is changed,
a series of operations will be performed simply.

【The main functions - App】
* The present IP address is displayed
* It will be a change start if the tap of the "Change IP Address" button is carried out
* A front IP address and comparison are possible at the time of IP address change.

【The main functions - Widget】
* It is easy IP address change only at touching a widget.

* It can be used only at the time of mobile network connection
* Full cutting of the connection is temporarily carried out at the time of change
* Change takes time
* In the case of use, I need your help by self-responsibility

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