"Exchange voice messages instantly anytime, anywhere."

iV (instant Voice) is a product by Othos Telecom that empowers you to communicate freely with anyone through voice, text or images!

Simple, fast and secure, iV becomes a powerful multi-purpose tool for businesses as well as a personal communication device for individuals.

It supports private encrypted messaging using 2048-RSA keys and military grade AES-256 encryption.

* exchange voice, text and images
* low bandwidth data consumption, suitable for EDGE connections
* works also with all types of connections Wifi/3G/4G
* notification of new messages when application in background
* supports android tablet screens as well as regular phones
* integration with system contacts to easily find iV friends
* option to autoplay voice messages upon reception.

Regarding security:
* possibility to password-protect the access to the application
* ability to reliably encrypt messages using public/private ImageKeys
* encrypted messages only readable by the intended recipient
* received messages are stored encrypted on your device
* detection of man-in-the-middle when someone tempers with your connection
* supports exchange of ImageKeys via email or locally via Bluetooth

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