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    - This is a lite version of the app and does not need any server-client interaction or account creation.
    Easy two step process:
    1. Install the app and accept user agreement.
    2. Send SMS to this device with the keyword and get the location of this device.

    - This app has been designed keeping in mind the safety of our kids and as a parent determining their location when they are not with parents.
    - Track your family or friends real-time location using any Android phone.
    - Location tracking is controlled by a keyword/password so you have the control on who can track the location of the device on which the app is installed. Simply send a SMS with the current keyword to the device to be tracked. Default keyword is Loc.
    - Incoming SMS will not show up on the tracked device. The app works in stealth mode without letting the user know that the device is being tracked.

    How does the location tracking work:

    - Send a SMS on the device with the correct preset keyword.
    If the location settings are turned ON, the app will fetch the GPS co-ordinates and will send it back through SMS as the google map url to the requesting device.
    If the location settings are turned OFF then the SMS with appropriate message will be sent back to the requesting device.

    If the device is not able to fetch the location co-ordinates within four minutes, then in order to save the battery consumption of the locator device, an appropriate message will be sent back to the requesting device.

    It totally depends on the device and not the application whether it is able to see the GPS satellites for accurate location determination.

    Based on the GPS satellites seen by the device at that point of time, accurate or approximate location will be sent to the requesting device.

    Some reasons to use this app:
    - Track your kids when they are not around.
    - Track your spouse and surprise them of their real time location.
    - Track your friends to find out if they really are just 5 mins away from reaching your place :)
    - Track your phone if its lost.

    DISCLAIMER: It is your responsibility to share the keyword only with people you trust. It is recommended to change the keyword after installation of the application.


    Allows the app to receive/send and process SMS messages.


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