KiggleTalk, A unified messaging service on smart device(cross platform) for Text Message(SMS), Chatting(IM), Voice Message, File Exchange and etc. Why don't you use KiggleTalk as hole in one for sending or receiving message to SMS and chatting application!

◈ Key Features
▷Free and Global
You won’t need to pay your carrier for text messaging. Wi-Fi or your current data plan is all it takes to send messages.

▷ KiggleTalk, Application to replace the default text message application.
You can send and receive text message(SMS) via KiggleTalk. Even though your friend does not use KiggleTalk, You can chat with your friend. (Because of use SMS when you send message to non-KiggleTalk user, Your SMS plan is all it takes to send messages.)

▷ Media sharing
Send photos, videos, voice messages, contacts and map locations seamlessly directly in your conversations.

▷ Decorating features colorful
Grayish background and the same message windows stop now! "KiggleTalk" and the message window in the background, providing basic nine species, and continuing through future upgrades will continue to provide.

▷Latest message security technology
The default is application lock, encrypt messages and send messages even whilehacking and privacy can not be determined.

This application uses a wireless data network.
Using 3G wireless Internet network can be charged.

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