When roaming abroad you are often greeted by a high phone bill after arriving home. Komunikator can help you drastically reduce the cost of calling abroad and at home, as it works through the Internet and thus requires only an Internet connection.

    Call over the Internet at the same prices as at home - wherever there is available internet access. Such wireless networks can be found in hotels, restaurants, bars, fairs, airports, bus stations ... With Komunikator you can be reached wherever there is weak or absent GSM / UMTS coverage (eg, in the basement or in places with weak signal), but you have access to the Internet.

    Komunikator is a free application but subscription to VoIP service with Telekom Slovenia is needed!

    Unlike other VoIP solutions you keep your mobile number and are presented with it.

    How do I call?
    1. Connect your mobile phone to internet and log in to Komunikator.
    2. Enter the phone number or select it from the address book of your mobile phone.
    3. Press the "Call"

    Call via WLAN as long as you are in the coverage area, if you lose coverage the call is terminated. If you are calling over 3G cellular network the call is not interrupted even when you switch to the 2G network, but it can drastically deteriorate the quality and in some cases, ends the call.

    How to answer the call?
    Calls can be made if you have the mobile phone connected to the Internet and logged in to Communicator.
    • If you are logged in Komunikator, the call is redirected to Komunikator and connected via WLAN. If the call is not answered within 15 seconds, it is diverted to your mobile phone (the phone network or a foreign network of a foreign operator).
    • If an incoming call is reject on Komunikator, the call is diverted to the mobile network, and acceped as a normal call to the mobile phone. This option is useful if you already prior to the call know that you are one call away from the area of ​​the WLAN signal.
    • If the services are not logged Communicator, you receive a call on your cell phone via the mobile network.

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