Let's Talk-Talk,Remembr & Draw



• Talk in different languages
• Maintain and remember a list of words you spoke, so you can pick and speak next time
• A drawing program is provided. A picture is worth a thousand words.
• Set your favorite pitch and speed
• Good tool to converse
• Simply type and it will talk for you

Let’s Talk is a wonderful utility app. Simply type your text, and the app will speak in your favorite language, pitch and speech.

Let’s Talk maintains a list of words you talked, so you can simple pick and speak next time.

Let’s Talk is a great tool for international travelers. A practical tools for conversation.

Let’s Talk also is a great tool for anyone with difficulties to talk, or with medical conditions, Let’s Talk will enable you to communicate effectively.

Let’s Talk also provides a drawing program. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Definitely, Let’s Talk is a fun toy for everyone to play with. Have fun and have some laughter.

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