Little Web Browser (Free)

Little Web Browser (Free)

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Little Browser is a very fast web browser inspired by the text only browser Lynx (see

It is designed to be very simple to use and to load the webpage as fast as possible.
It reduces data utilization by displaying only readable content from webpages and by not downloading extraneous contents like scripts and images.
This app makes getting information over the web easier and faster especially when internet speed and bandwidth are limited and is very suitable for users on the move.

In-app purchase is available to remove ads. I would recommend using the in-app purchase for this app to upgrade if you want to get the latest change for Lynx.

1. Reduces data utilization by no downloading ads, images.
2. Bookmark webpages for quick site access.
3. Quick access to recently accessed webpage (up to 10) via navigation drawer on the left.
4. Supports webpage zooming.
5. Supports back button to move to previous webpage.

Lynx recognizes
* "mailto:" html link and redirects the user to his mail editor
* "tel:" link and opens the phone call dialog
* "geo:" link and sends the coordinates to the map program

Explanation of Permissions Required:
INTERNET: for accesing the web
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: for backing up and restoring bookmarks to/from sdcard
READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: for importing system bookmarks into Lynx Browser

Quick Tip:
* To exit app: Hit the Home icon followed by the back button.
* To go to "", just enter "nba" into the url text.
* Turn off Javascript for even faster browsing experience. (Warning: some sites with heavy usage of Javascript may fail to load properly. Just reenable Javascript when that happens)
* Hide address bar to increase amount of screen space
* Long click in manage bookmark to get context menu to appear (so that you can delete/rename selected bookmark)

* This application is a work in progress. *
Give it a 5 stars if you like it.
Free feel to let me know how the app can be improved for you (I am always on a lookout for ways to make it better)
I would appreciate if you can refrain from giving the app a bad rating. I am just starting out, give me a chance to fix it for you :)

New features in the roadmap
* make it even easier to get to commonly accessed bookmarks
* import system bookmarks
* pre-defined bookmarks

Known Issues
- zooming does not work for mobile sites (update settings to use "Prefer desktop sites" to workaround this for the time being)

Keywords: Lynx; Text only browser; No image browser, Fast loading; Save data bandwidth; Get information faster; Free, no cost

Older release notes:
* fixed zoom issue for mobile sites
* restored default to prefer mobile sites (for new users)

* fix app crash when using the recent page link on the left drawer

* fix home page size issue for some devices

* added icon to refresh/stop loading to address bar

* visual enhancements to left drawer and manage bookmark screen

* reduced font size for search and manage bookmark screen
* enhance manage bookmark screen to support multi-select

* Upgraded session history display on navigation drawer to include title
* Increased session history from 5 to 10
* Removed Light theme due to bugs in 3rd party libraries
* fixed Add new tab (now correctly display the new tab instead of previous tab after action is selected)
* add new option to Open in new Tab (follow) --> this will jump to the new tab immediately while it is loading
* fixed issue when backup and restore bookmark screen not closing when back button is pressed

Tags: lynx browser.

Recently changed in this version

* fix size of google search bar in homepage

* rename Lynx Browser to Little Browser

* fixed missing cursor in url bar
* updated to not prepend www to url starting with m.

* attempt to fix search bookmark issue for some phones

* updated keyboard to show Go instead Next for URL bar
* added settings to disable auto-hiding of action bar

Updated to use default language set in the phone for google search result

Comments and ratings for Little Web Browser (Free)
  • (37 stars)

    by Carlton Noles on 03/01/2014

    Takes a while to load a page for text only though.

  • (37 stars)

    by kevin miston on 01/01/2014

    Without any problem... Fast surfing in web

  • (37 stars)

    by Voytek Eymont on 29/12/2013

    Only just installed, but the concept of a Lynx browser on Android, what a great idea, it seems quite usable and well designed, and works well, thanks.

  • (37 stars)

    by Leo Vendler on 13/12/2013

    but paid version too expensive. will not but, but uninstall.

  • (37 stars)

    by Kynndredd SYNNE on 06/10/2013

    Needs 4x1 and 4x3 widgets.Again great work.

  • (37 stars)

    by Jinx Adnix on 04/10/2013

    Pleas add font size setting.

  • (37 stars)

    by Encyc Lopedia on 30/09/2013

    App as described, but it is so simple to make. It is just the HTML Viewer with a few options on/off. Default browser can do the same things (no images, Javascript) sans ads. Tabs are glitchy. Ads are in the way of onscreen zoom functions. Not worth the hassle and certainly not worth $4.84 for an ad free version. Someone needs to make a true port of Lynx to Android in apk format.