Location Tracker



This application allows users to track location of their friends or kids in real time using a cell phone.

1. All android devices are available.
2. Never use SMS to send location.
3. No additional registration is needed.
4. Using Wi-Fi for indoor positioning.
5. Deliver message reliably.
6. My and friends locations are shown on the map. You can easily identify the position of friend.

* Setup

1. Download and install “Location Tracker” app on your phone (Both parties must have it installed).
2. Sign in using a google account.
3. GPS must be turned on.
4. Enable background data under accounts & sync in settings.
(Required to receive push message)
5. Only available on Android devices.

* Main Feature.

A. "Search” - Locate position of the friend.
B. "Tracking” - Schedule time to tracking.
C. "Message" - Send message.
D. "Power On/Off Notification” - Notify when power is on/off.

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