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Text messages are practical and their success is due in part to the cost, but almost 12 years after 2000, perhaps we expect more from the media and the simple text message is now obsolete!
Love & Fun Messenger gives us a hand to beautify our SMS!
In few steps you will create the SMS that have only the cost of obsolete ... You can send a text graphic, colorful, musical, almost tailored to the content.

With this application you can woo a girl, surprise your partner do the Christmas card, Easter or any other occasion, invite someone to dinner or the movies, talk with your friends, send messages and much more fun ... THE COST OF AN SMS.
Some features may be blocked in the lite version.
Furthermore, the full version contains many more images and the choice of the recipient directly from the phone book
** Insert the image that you like among the many in the loop tape, moving it left or right and clicking on the category;
** Enter the text of your message;
** Choose the text color that is most suited to the background of your choice;
** Enable or disable the audio message (default is ON);
** Enter the phone number by clicking on the text bar (manual) or click the "Address Book" (if you wish to withdraw the number from your contacts).
** Click on "Submit".

Ps. The application must be installed on both devices (senders and receivers).

Categories that allow you to quickly find the images that are divided into the following groups:

1. Love
2. Friendship
3. Occasions
4. Events
5. Funny

The categories will be increased, added more photos, and added other services, in proportion to the success that will have the same application.

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