MailPurge Demo



MailPurge Demo is a simulation of the full version of MailPurge. You may configure this demo to access your email account(s) and view the headers of messages in your inbox. This demo is fully functional, with the exception that mail is NOT deleted. All other features of MailPurge are available for viewing. Use of this demo will aid in validating Settings and in evaluating MailPurge, prior to possible purchase.

MailPurge secures the in-box of your phone or tablet from spammers. Unsolicited junk mail is not only a time wasting nuisance, it also has the potential to install harmful malware to your device. This application is a highly effective spam blocker, protecting your inbox by stopping junkmail at the server level. Use MailPurge to delete unwanted spam from a pop3 server, prior to downloading your mail.

MailPurge can be used to manage one, two or three pop3 email accounts and will display a maximum of one hundred message headers after updating with a press of any account button. After selecting messages to be deleted, a second press of the same account button will delete those messages from the server. If auto re-login is enabled, the screen will then be refreshed with header info for any messages remaining. Auto re-login after deletion is the default setting, and can be enabled or disabled in Settings.

There is a checkbox in Settings, under the heading Check to Use SSL, that when enabled will configure MailPurge to access mail servers requiring a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. An SSL connection is required for access to a Gmail account.

Should the user require access to less than three accounts, there is the option of configuring MailPurge to access one or two accounts only. By enabling either checkbox under Use One Account Only or Use Two Accounts Only in Settings, the now redundant account button(s) will be removed from view, as will the Reselect options in the case of Use One Account Only.

If MailPurge is to be used to manage a Gmail account, information about configuration Settings, for both MailPurge and Gmail, can be found within MailPurge, under Menu/About.

Information about the configuration Settings that are required for access to other pop3 mail accounts is available from your email service provider. In many instances, this information can be obtained by doing a Google search. Should a search of the Internet not be successful, contact your email service provider.

On first run, after EULA acceptance, the Settings screen will be displayed. If the user prefers to configure MailPurge at a later time, or have access to the Menu/About buttons, the Settings screen may be closed with a press of the Back (Return) button. A second press of this button will exit the application. The Settings screen will continue to be displayed on run, until such time as Account One is configured. After Settings have been configured, when changes are required, pressing Menu/Settings will open the Settings screen.

Details of operation can be viewed, from within MailPurge, under Menu/About. Before installing, please note that this is an English language application.

It has been noted with certain devices, that Predictive Text interferes with the entry of Settings info by inserting unwanted characters as the various text and password boxes are completed. This is particularly disruptive when asterisks mask password characters, and extra characters inserted are not noticed.

As a precaution ALWAYS TURN OFF PREDICTIVE TEXT temporarily, prior to entering Settings info.