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“Message Delay” allows you to manage your time efficiently. Using your free gmail account, write an email or text now and schedule it to be sent later – how cool is that! This can be done whether your phone is “awake” or “sleeping”. For example:
• You are on a business trip next week, and your daughter or son has an important school final exam next Wednesday morning. How do you wish them, “good luck”? ANSWER: Write them now and schedule it to be delivered on the morning of the test.
• You don’t want to lose your train of thought late Friday afternoon on a message that you need to communicate to your sales force, or staff on Monday. ANSWER: Write your email or text now, and send to multiple recipients on Monday through Message Delay.
• Your roommate is constantly asking that you remind them to run and errand after class, or to make a call, or to go to the store. Now you can! Message Delay via text or email delivers your message at the time you desire!
• Today, schedule a future text or email to your siblings reminding them of Mom’s or Dad’s birthday
• Oh no! You need to change the delivery or text of your email or text; OR need to delete it all together? Not a problem! Edit, delete, or add to your message prior to delivery date.
• AND receive a confirmation that your message was sent
• Write now! Schedule to send it later through Message Delay!

Message Delay Features:
• Schedule text messages and emails to be delivered at a specific date and time up to 365 days into the future
• Select recipients from your address book, or enter their 10-digit wireless number, or email address
• Software automatically adjusts to daylight savings time where applicable
• Edit, modify, or delete scheduled text messages before delivery date
• Receive confirmation that scheduled message and/or email was sent
• View log of all scheduled messages & emails in the queue to be sent, as well as past messages & emails sent

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