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MiFon is an application that provides calls and SMS, both of them free of charge. It is totally integrated with your contacts to whom you can call or send SMS over MiFon and the Sip provider: antisip.com.

MiFon provides 4 main features: Dialer, Contact management, Call History, and SMS management with conversations. Moreover, MiFon detects if there is no Internet, there is no enough network quality, or the callee is not provisioned in antisip. If so, MiFon gives several alternatives:

- Send Email.
- Normal calls
- Normal SMS.
- A tutorial about how to perform free calls with Google Voice, IKALL and antisip.

The callee must also have the application MiFon. However, they can also use another SIP VoIP application with an username provisioned in antisip.com.

MiFon detects if your Telecommunication Carrier does block your VoIP call. If so, it suggests other alternatives.

MiFon is integrated with the VoIP Sip provider antisip.com

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