Missed call notifier



This tool enables you to send missed call notifications to another device over the internet.

If you have multiple android devices, you can get all missed call notifications of those
by carrying one device of them in your pocket.

Currently, two notification sending methods are available.

1. Simple HTTP
This method sends notifications to arbitrary URL by HTTP GET or POST.
It's for advanced users, but is versatile method.
To send notification data safely, you should use SSL (https://) for this method.

2. Notify My Android
This method sends notifications via generic notification service Notify My Android.
Notify My Android account and configurations are required, but it's easier method.

Warning: When misused, there is a possibility that the missed call history data leaked to an outsider.
I cannot be responsible for such troubles. Please use this tool very carefully at your own risk.

Tags: 不在着信 リダイレクタ , notify my 使い方 , notify my 設定

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