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    SOS (short for SocioStation) is a revolutionary new communication tool that will help people all over the world safely share and solve their personal and business problems with each other while still protecting their privacy to the maximum.

    Traditional communication tools such as phone, email, messenger, SNS had the inherent limitation that you can only talk to someone you already know, and this limited one’s ability to share (and solve) his or her problems with maximum possible audience. Internet applications let you partly do this, but privacy is not protected at all because all communications are open to all people.

    Here are a list of things (among others) you can do with SOS:

    1. Send messages to ALL people

    - Unspecified or Unidentified Recipients messages are sent to ALL USERS around the globe at once.
    - Correspondence thereafter is 1:1 PRIVATE to help sharing and solving of sensitive personal and business problems.
    - FILTER messages to your own interests by specifying favorite and unfavorite keywords and message categories.
    - CHAT from within messages, anonymously if desired.
    - View messages around you on map and make friends at your own choice.
    - Ask Question, Exchange Opinions, Ask for Advice, Conduct Survey
    - Find Convenience Service, Find Employee, Find Real Estate & Lodging, Find Volunteers, Find Person, Find Thing, Find Job,
    - Announce, Tweet, Advertise Convenience Service, Advertise Thing, Advertise Real Estate & Lodging, Advertise Entertainment & Art, Advertise Investment Intention, Advertise Investment Opportunities

    2. Follow popular News Casts, Blogs, Twitters, YouTube videos

    - 1,500+ RSS Feeds and Blogs from CNN, BBC, WSJ, NYT, ESPN, USAToday, NBC, ABC, Reuters, Yahoo!, etc.
    - Top 100 Twitters per country.
    - Popular YouTube videos sorted by category and more…

    3. Create your own Casts(Blogs) and post messages

    - Casts are open to all users but only you can post messages on your Cast.
    - Other users may respond by writing Comments on your Post.
    - Invite other people to your Casts and Posts using Share button.

    4. Search News, Blogs, Casts, Posts, and Messages

    - Search ALL current and past messages including those that didn’t pass your filter.

    5. Chat with anonymous person who helped or inspired you

    - Initiate anonymous chat from within received messages.
    - Add anonymous users as your friend.
    - Selectively invite chat friends from your phone book.
    - View named and anonymous chat histories.
    - Supports Anonymous communication, Anonymous email, Anonymous chat, Anonymous SNS, Anonymous talk
    - Supports Anonymous message, Anonymous messaging, Anonymous messenger, Anonymous social, Anonymous networking
    - Can use Real Name and require Location Information if desired

    6. SOS requires NO personal information from the user at all

    - It is virtually impossible to identify someone from the messages alone. SOS is an extremely safe system with maximum privacy.

    SOS SocioStation is:
    - Mobile Communication Portal
    - Mobile Communication Platform
    - Mobile Communication Tool
    - Mobile Communication Service
    - Next Generation Communication Portal
    - Next Generation Communication Platform
    - Next Generation Communication Tool
    - Next Generation Communication Service

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