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Lets you share your mobile data connection via WiFi

  • Set timer
  • Activate based on charging status
  • Doesn't turn WiFi back on

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"Create And Manage A Mobile Hotspot"


Mobile HotSpot is very much like the included android feture, with a few extra abilities such as a timer, and the option to turn on an off based on the charging status. The app turns off WiFi during use, something that is necessary to creating a hotspot, but does not turn it back on when you turn the hotspot off.


Mobile HotSpot lets you set a timer that will turn the hotspot off after thirty minutes. It can turn on the hotspot when the phone is plugged in, and turn it off when it is unplugged. You can also set it to turn off when the battery is under 20%.


WiFi must be turned off when the app activates - this is required in order to create a hotspot. The app does not turn WiFi back on when the hotspot is turned off however. A minor gripe, but it would be nice if the app did this.

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by Oliver

Apr 10, 2015

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