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Download the free Moj Vip application to quickly and easily manage your Vip or Vipme account from your mobile device.

Data traffic when using the Moj Vip app is free of charge if you use the Vipnet data network.
You can access your information directly via the Vipnet data network (auto login) or use your user name and password when connected via a WiFi network.
The current version of the Moj Vip app supports the following options:
Private postpaid subscribers:
• Checking your current spending, free minutes, SMS and MB status or any other free/paid unit.
• Overview of the last 6 bills and access to bills in PDF format, including payment data as well as 2D bar code.
• Overview of line user information.
• Changing the status of different types of packages, national and roaming options.
• Refilling Vipme user accounts.
Vipme users:
• Checking your account balance and voucher expiration date
• Free minutes and MB counters for the Non Stop and Zakon! tariff models.
• Refilling your Vipme accounts.
• Overview of the actual tariff model and options for changing your tariff model.
• Registering for the Vipme&više loyalty programme and overview of benefits.
• Requesting SOS credit or reviving your account.
• Changing the status of different types of packages and options.
Menu elements and lists of available services differ based on the group and type of tariff model.
Please bear in mind:
• The app can only be used by Vipnet users.
• By downloading and using the app you accept the Moj Vip mobile application’s Terms & Conditions.
• When downloading the app from the store, data traffic is charged according to the fees of the data tariff model if using the Vipnet data network.
• The service is not primarily intended for business users with Master rights, although they can use it too, mostly at the level of the user number of the business line they are using.
• The app allows you to connect via WiFi network access points.
• The new version stores access information for accessing the service via a WiFi network (“Zapamti me”)
Activation of the "Zapamti me" option is done at the user's own risk. In the events of device theft, loss, change of ownership or permanent non-use, every user is required to change the access password or turn the "Zapamti me" access information option off or restore the device to its default factory settings (reset the device).
• Data traffic when using the service abroad (roaming) is charged according to the currently valid price list in the tariff model for data traffic abroad.
• The app uses your location only for positioning in relation to sales points.

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