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*** Please Remove old version befor install !!!!!! ****

See Digifort NVR cameras from your Android,Tablate and android tv.

Digifort-MVA designed for remote access and monitor for Digifort Server v6.7 or above. It provides access to Digifort Servers to live view and playback for all cameras in from anywhere in the world. This Application is capable of connecting through any TCP/IP connection such as EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi.

The Digifort, PC based NVR software, supports more than 1000 models of IP camera in the market and through the Digifort-MVA and Digifort combination, you can access all these cameras from you Android devices in anywhere in the world.

* VERY IMPORTANT: To use Digifort-MVAHD, you must have Digifort Server v6.6 or above.

* VERY IMPORTANT: To use Digifort-MVAHD Smart Monitor option, you must have Digifort Server v6.7 or above.

Features of Digifort-MVAHD (Android client):

* Store unlimited number of Digifort server connection information like name, IP address, port number, user name and password (tested 10 servers)
* View Multi server and multi camera on the same screen ,user can view 1 camera from server A and 2nd camera from server B and so on on the same view.
* Live view up to 4 cameras in a single screen and a single camera view : Menu->viewMenu to load/save view.
* Store multi view from multi server to load in different time, user can save 4 camera view like on the digifort client and load it later.
* Playback for 1 camera at a time
* PTZ control support include preset and speed control
* Trigger global event from Android/Tablets touch
* Use Virtual Matrix and send camera view from phone to Digifort pc client.
* Send/Share Picture by Send Media sms/mms/FaceBook/Skype/AllShare/Gmail/Email.
* Playback history video by date and time ,control speed and smart-seek function.
* MVA alarm(push Video) Video alarm option to 1 server only, live alarms and ARM/Disram function.(work on Background)
* Smart Monitor system , halt (watchdog) monitor of digifort servers and camera , the monitor option will make alarm on server down or camera down(work on Background)
* Change Video resolution by long-click on full-screen view 5Xresolotion
* Change Video resolution on 4ch view low/mid/high include smart FPS
* Digital zoom(pinch)
* Side Menu /hide/show on fullscreen 1ch mode
* ANALYTICS support for MVA Event Alarm

Features of Digifort NVR Server:

* Support more than 80 brands and 1000 IP Camera models in the market, including ACTI, Axis, Arecont Vision, Bosch, CNB, Etrovision, Icantek, mobotix, Panasonic, Pelco, Pixord, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Truen, Vivotek, and UDP and more
* Multi-codec & multi Streaming IP Camera support
* Mega pixel camera support

Digifort-MVAHD is (c) by Alex Kapmar from Nanocom
for Digifort Server 6.7 and up

how to use :

1. press the "add server" and add digifort server to the MVA (multi servers no limit)
2. Long press on the view/1/2/3/4 and hold until you get server list,select the camera and its will be play on the view you select
you can view multi stream from multi servers on the same screen
3. on the FLY you can change the stream quality and FPS from the right option
4. to use the ARM/Disarm and ARM setup you 1st need to go to setup icon and add MVA-ARM digifort server.
5. after setup MVA arm server you can make arm-setup, and then you can press the arm/disram icon.
6. short press on the view will make large view of the camera(this screen will be change to more nice gui )

7. the load v/save v will save the view and the camera ,and you can then reload the view again.(its not working in this version)
8. the 8ch option will be in the next beta version.
9. the playback will work on the next version
10. please only run this version with Digifort 6.6.0 +

key :
nanocom,digifort,cms,nvr,remote view
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