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A functional Facebook messaging app that uses significantly less power to run that the official app.

  • Uses less RAM
  • Doesn't sync messages you send

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"Simple, Lightweight Facebook Messenger"


This app is successful in its goal - it used roughly half the RAM the official app did running in the background, and that was was with some extra things enabled. It doesn't sync messages that you send from other Facebook messaging apps however.


This app does what it's intended to do - it uses significantly less memory (RAM) then the official app does running in the background. By default it does not display offline contacts, but you can easily enable that in settings, and despite what it says you can message offline contacts.


The app does not sync messages that you send from other Facebook messangers such as the official app or the website. It also has ads, and is not as well designed visually as the official app - a nicer design could have been achieved whilst still meeting the low power use criteria.

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by Oliver

Feb 25, 2015

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