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NetFront Life Browser is a fast and original web browser with some interesting features

  • Sync bookmarks with desktop version
  • Good-looking layout
  • Scrapsbook feature
  • Flash supported
  • There's no User-Agent
  • Usability should be enhanced

"Scrapsbook browser"

We all are unwilling to try new browsers when we're happy enough with the one we already use. However, this time is worth to try, I promise. At least to discover the interesting features that NetFront Life Browser brings, an emerging browser with both desktop and mobile version.

Its basic features are: flash integrated as well as video player, tablets compatibility, Evernote integration (keep reading), tabs-like navigation, browse bar, bookmarks sync with desktop version, history. The browser is set on a good-looking HOLO layout. Navigating through tabs is as easy as swiping them from a floating thumbnail preview. Likewise, swipe down open tabs to switch from one feature to another (bookmarks, history, scrapsbook).

Yes, scrapbook... for us, the most interesting feature of this browser. By tapping the scissors on the right-bottom corner when you're surfing, you can select an area you want to cut. Just swipe the selected area. Then you can clip it (keep it on your clipboard) or share it through the sharing resources of your mobile device (Gmail, GDocs, Dropbox). However, it has specially been integrated with Evernote. If you chose "clip" you can swipe features until "scrapsbook and start adding clipboards just by sliding from the bottom. We can assure that this feature is amazingly useful.

Navigation is really fast, bookmarks management is lovely since the Netfront developers have focused on making it visual. Scissors and scrapsbook feature are just one of those added-value feature that makes the difference. Highly-recommended.

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Dec 08, 2012

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