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Nobix Alert! is designed to grab your attention when a matching message is received. You configure the sender names or message text or patterns that you want to be alerted to, along with your ringtone or notification choice. When a message is received that matches what you have configured, a special alert box is displayed and your ringtone is played. The message cannot be ignored or forgotten.

You configure which ringtone plays and how long it plays (0 seconds to continuous) for each message. You can have your message alerts read to you using Alert!'s text-to-speech feature.

Messages that do not match your settings bypass Alert! and are still handled by the built-in Android messaging system. You can also set messages so that Alert! will notify you but use the phone's default messaging interface. Regardless of how you set it up, all messages are still availabe in the Android messaging interface.

Use Nobix Alert! when you absolutely have to ensure you get the message. Maybe you're on-call in a noisy environment or you're a heavy sleeper. Alert! can be set to play until you respond. Ditch the pager and use your phone.

Alert! comes with seven notification tones that get added to your existing ones, including a klaxon and siren. Choose any ring or notification sound for any message. Ring time can be set from zero seconds to continuous depending on your requirements and the message text. Text-to-speech requires Android TTS (free) be installed on the phone. You will be prompted to install it if it is not already present.

Alert! is ideal for use with automatic notification and exception reporting systems. You'll never miss that important message again.

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