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noneed2call is the ultimate app to ENJOY LIFE while no one gets worried

YOU create a notification that noneed2call WILL SEND to a friend or relative, ONLY IF you are OFFLINE for X hours

You wish you had noneed2call when:

- You moved out and your mother called you 4 times a day
- You ran out of battery and your friends left without you
- You got lost hiking in the mountains and no one knew you were there.
- You went to Thailand and got in trouble

How it works?

1) Create the customized notification
2) Set when it should be sent, for example, “If I am offline for 2 days”
3) Select who should receive it

Noneed2call is ideal for:
- Independents who live with no fear
- Expats who don't want their families to worry
- Exchange students having the time of their lives.
- Bikers, hikers, surfers, skiers and many other adventure lovers.

E-mail notifications are and will always be FREE.

YOU can also activate SMS to:
- Avoid SPAM filters
- Reach +200 countries
- Make sure your message is read ON TIME

We need your help to continue improving noneed2call.
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The most popular ideas will be implemented by our ninja developers.

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